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Mark Bell was employed by Cox Radio in Jacksonville, Florida during the time I was the Operations Manager. Mark was not only among the most well-liked persons in the building, he was also one of the most talented on several levels. He excelled on air, he was thoroughly knowledgeable in any and all programming issues, and was always the voice of reason and thought during tough times.
I can without hesitation recommend Mark from both a professional and personal standpoint. He will become one of your most trusted and loyal employees, as he was for me. If you have any questions, please call.

Cat Thomas
VP/Programming, Entercom Austin


It is my proud pleasure to not only introduce you to Mark Bell, but to recommend him in the highest possible way.

With extensive tenures in programming with COX Radio/Jacksonville, Shamrock Broadcasting/Atlanta, as well as our own organization – and having launched his career 25 years ago on the exceptional principles of the great WBBQ/Augusta – Mark creates and crafts radio stations that win ratings and build revenue.

Mark is a competitive, “lead-by-example” department manager, who has tremendous respect for the profit motive of his radio stations.  He understands how to creatively market and promote his radio stations very compelling ways, in the face of limited budgets.  Mark is extremely well-organized, detail-oriented and ready.  Regardless of the task at hand, he is out front and center, and has the reputation of quickly earning the respect of his colleagues, as well as those in his charge.

From his reliably steady, professional demeanor, to his exceptionally thorough work ethic (including his enthusiasm for modeling ‘multiple hats’ within the organization), as well as his ability to grasp and embrace corporate policies and procedures, Mark Bell personifies the consummate broadcast department manager.

Among his strengths is his ability to recognize and capitalize on opportunities, fully evaluate situations and, when necessary, make the tough decision.  I’ve seen it, and respect him for it.  It is also important to note that Mark has worked with some of the best in the country, and enjoys an extensive network of professional relationships which has always served him and his radio stations well.

Mark is very market-insightful, strategic and has an uncanny ability to sense the pulse of the street.  He hears his radio stations ‘in-his-head,’ and truly understands how to engage, and serve his format life-group(s) on the air, online, via social media, as well as person-to-person, face-to-face.  When not at his desk, he’s generally out driving the market, listening – as would a listener.

In addition to being a fine talent, in terms of his technical skill-set, Mark is more than prepared and capable.  From Selector, to various studio operating platforms, to audio/video, and web design/maintenance, he’s the complete package.

I have known Mark Bell for over fifteen years.  I know him to be a person of character and integrity.  He has earned a fine reputation, personally and professionally – one that he continues to enhance by the manner in which he leads his life. 

Mark earned my respect very quickly and, as it’s pretty obvious that I can’t possibly recommend him highly enough.  I hope you won’t hesitate to call me if I can provide any additional insight, or help you reach a level of comfort that will enable you to decide in his favor.  Mark represents an asset to any organization fortunate enough to have him onboard, and I’m pleased to assure you that you won’t have a single regret.


Sanders Hickey

Golden Isles Broadcasting


Mark Bell would be an asset to any company bringing to the table many technical assets.  Mark has always displayed extreme loyalty, is a great problem solver and is very patient in dealing with people.

He will go above and beyond to get the job done. Mark is honest, trustworthy and spends extra time and effort to stay in touch with the community and current events.

It is very unique to find someone with all his talents and skills yet will still find the time to give you his undivided attention if you have a problem and will work with you to solve it.

Mark is very well educated, articulate and is still able to relax and diffuse stressful situations.

Most sincerely,

Brenda Bonati
Qantum Communications